Jaime Hansen has been working in the community benefit sector in Idaho for over 20 years. Contact her today to brainstorm how to identify your organizational needs!

Supporting Sustainability

What happens when you don’t have interim services?

Finance, HR, PR, Board Management, Oh My! It all can be overwhelming for board, staff, and volunteers. But what happens when your office culture goes wrong? Flip the script by being proactive. With interim support you can focus on on the important thing–hiring the RIGHT person for the job.

Legislation doesn’t affect our organization, and other myths.

There is a ton of decisions being made about your mission and organization’s activities without your subject matter expertise. Get some monitoring and oversight so you don’t miss your chance at shaping the policy that makes your agency’s vision possible. It could save your programs.

It’s 50% science and 50% art. Get both for sustainability.

Your greatest need is funding, right? Whether you need to build out your individual donor portfolio, implement a cultivation event, or outline your annual communication plan, we’ve got you covered!

“Jaime worked with our staff and board of directors to find a common language and set of measurable goals through a strategic planning session. With her strategic skills, we established a 3 year plan, and are well prepared to execute on that plan.”

-Erin Anderson Executive Director Idaho Botanical Garden

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